How to set up a Dial-up Internet Connection
(Windows XP)

This walkthrough outlines the process that is needed to get your computer, using Windows XP, connected to the Internet using a regular dial-up modem.  

Step 1:  Open the Control Panel

a) Click on the Start menu.
b) Click on Control Panel.
c) If you're using Category View, click Network and Internet Connections then click Network Connections.

 (Note:  If you're using Classic View, click Network Connections from the list)

Step 2:  Create a new connection

a)  From the Network Connections window, click Create a New Connection from the upper, left corner of the screen.
b)  Click Next.
c)  Click Connect to the Internet, Click Next.

Figure 1 - Create New Connection, Step 1 of 6


d)  Choose Set up my connection manually.  Click Next.

Figure 2 - Create New Connection, Step 2 of 6


e)  Choose Connect using a dial-up modem.  Click Next.

Figure 3 - Create New Connection, Step 3 of 6


f)  Type TeraByte as the ISP Name, click Next.

Figure 4 - Create New Connection, Step 4 of 6


g)  Type your local access number. 

NOTE: If you subscribe to Call Waiting on your phone line, ensure that it is disabled. If this service is not disabled while you're connected to the Internet, an incoming call will disconnect the modem.

Figure 5 - Create New Connection, Step 5 of 6


  Enter, in lowercase, your username and password. 

Figure 6 - Create New Connection, Step 6 of 6


i)  Place a check mark in Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.
  Click Finish.  This will return you to the Network Connections window.


Step 3:  Connect to the Internet

a)  Double-click your new TeraByte icon.
b)  When you're ready to connect to the Internet, Click Dial.

Figure 7 - Click Dial