How to set up a Dial-up Internet Connection
(Windows 95/98)

This walkthrough outlines the process that is needed to get your computer, using Windows 95/98, connected to the Internet using a regular dial-up modem.  

Step 1:  Create a Dial-up Networking Connection

a) Double-click My Computer.
Double-click Dial-up Networking.
If prompted with information about what Dial-up Networking is used for Click Next.
If not prompted, double-click the Make New Connection icon.
e) You will be prompted to "Type a Name for the computer you are dialing", type in TeraByte Internet.  This will be the name of the connection that you are creating.
f) Ensure your dialup modem is displayed in the Select a Modem drop down list.

Figure 1 - Make New Connection Step 2

g) Click Next.
You will then be prompted to "Type the phone number for the computer you want to call", type your local access number in the field provided. 

NOTE: If you subscribe to Call Waiting on your phone line, ensure that it is disabled. If this service is not disabled while you're connected to the Internet, an incoming call will disconnect the modem.

Figure 2 - Make New Connection Step 3

i) Click Next.
Click the Finish button.

Figure 3 - Make New Connection Step 4

Step 2:  Edit the TerByte Internet Connection

a) Click once with the right hand button on the mouse on your TeraByte Internet Connection.
b) From the drop down menu that appears, click Properties.
c) Click the Server Types tab, ensure that only Enable software compression and TCP/IP have check marks beside them.

Figure 4- Server Types

d) Click on the TCP/IP Settings button in the bottom right hand corner.  
e) Ensure that Server Assigned IP Address has a dot beside it as well as Server Assigned Name Server Addresses.  

Figure 5- TCP/IP Settings

f) Click OK, until your are back at the Dial-up Networking Window. 
g) Double-click the new icon called TeraByte Internet, this will open the Connect To... window.  Enter your username and password. 
h) Click the Connect button.

Figure 6- Connect To...