How to Set Up Outlook Express for E-mail

Use the following steps to set up and configure Outlook Express versions 4, 5 or 6 for your TeraByte Internet e-mail account.  You will need your TeraByte e-mail username and password to complete these steps.

Step 1: With Outlook Express open, click the Tools menu, then choose Accounts.

Step 2: From within the Internet Accounts window click the Mail tab.

Step 3: This will display a list of your current e-mail accounts set up within Outlook Express.

Step 4: To add a new e-mail account, click Add, then click Mail; as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1, Add a new mail account


Step 5: Type your full name as you would like it displayed in the e-mail messages you send. If you wish, you can use your first name, last name, a nickname, or even two names. Click Next.

Figure 2, Type your full name

Step 6: Type your e-mail address in lowercase letters, with no spaces.  Click Next.

Figure 3, Type your e-mail address


Step 7: Enter the TeraByte Internet services e-mail server names; then click Next.


Figure 4, Type the e-mail server names


Step 8: Type your TeraByte e-mail services username and password.

  1. Ensure that username and password are both in lowercase with no spaces.  
  2. Type your e-mail service username in the Account name field.  
  3. Type your e-mail service password in the Password field. (It will appear as ****** to remain secure).  
  4. If you wish to check your e-mail without having to always enter your password, click the box next to Remember password.  
  5. Ensure there is no check beside Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).  
  6. Click Next.

Figure 5, Type your username and password


Step 9: Click Finish

Figure 6, Finish


Step 10: To modify an existing e-mail account select the account you're interested in making changes to and click Properties.

Figure 7, Edit an e-mail account


Step 11: Verify your personal User Information under the General tab.

Figure 8, Confirm User Information


Step 12: Click the Servers tab and confirm both the POP and SMTP servers as well as the Account name and Password.

Figure 9, Verify Server Names


Step 13: Click the Connection tab and verify what the connection should be set to:

Figure 10, Check the Connection Type


Step 14: Click OK and click Close to return to the main Outlook Express window. Click the Send/Receive button to retrieve your e-mail.